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What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), previously known as ADD, is a common issue affecting both children & adults.

There are 3 different categories of ADHD. Inattentive, Hyperactive/Impulsive or a blend of both.
Most children & adults fall into the “both” category.

Below is what ADHD may look like in CHILDREN:


  1. having a short attention span (easily distracted)
  2. making careless mistakes – for example, in schoolwork
  3. appearing forgetful or losing things
  4. being unable to stick to tasks that are tedious or time-consuming
  5. appearing to be unable to listen to or carry out instructions
  6. constantly switching between activities
  7. having difficulty organizing items/thoughts


  1. being unable to sit still, especially in a calm environment
  2. repetitive fidgeting
  3. being unable to concentrate for sustained period of time
  4. excessive physical movement (ie. often disrupting other students)
  5. excessive talking
  6. being unable to wait their turn
  7. acting without thinking
  8. interrupting conversations
  9. little or no sense of danger

As you can imagine, the above list of symptoms can cause considerable problems in a child’s life, such as underachievement at school, feeling misunderstood, getting into trouble, poor social interaction with others, and problems with discipline both at school and at home.

Here is what ADHD may look like for ADULTS:

  1. carelessness & lack of attention to detail
  2. continually starting new tasks before finishing old ones
  3. poor organizational skills
  4. feeling scattered
  5. inability to focus
  6. continually losing items
  7. forgetfulness
  8. restlessness & feeling on edge
  9. difficulty keeping quiet
  10. blurting out responses & repeatedly interrupting others
  11. mood swings, irritability, quick temper
  12. inability to deal with stress & overwhelm
  13. significant impatience
  14. running ‘toward’ danger, acting in a risky fashion, usually with little regard for personal safety or the safety of others

K-Counseling & Anxiety Treatment is the only clinic in Boise, Idaho that delivers FDA-Cleared ADHD testing. 

Quality testing & interpretation by a professional results in more accurate diagnoses, more individualized treatment options, yielding desireable outcomes for you & your loved ones.

How do I do this?

Call  208.258.3510 to request a FREE 30-minute consultation (telehealth or in-person). We will conduct a clinical interview to determine if it makes sense to continue with additional computerized testing. You will get all of your questions answered at this FREE appointment. If we determine that further testing is indicated, we will schedule you for the test.


Step 1.) Get tested (plan for 30 minutes)

Step 2.) We contact you with the results & options for treatment; we provide your results to your healthcare provider

Step 3.) You begin the journey to feeling better


Q: “I don’t want to medicate my child; I am afraid that is what you’ll make me do.”

A: “Medication is not the only option. There is brain balance training, NeuroFeedback, executive skills training, counseling, coaching, etc.”


Q: “Do you prescribe medication?”

A: “K-Counseling has on-site psychiatric medication prescribers from Meridian Advanced Psychiatry medical staff. We are happy to provide the results to your chosen healthcare provider.”


Q: “How much does this cost?”

A: “The initial consult is FREE. The initial ADHD testing is $177 (this includes 1 FREE follow-up test to see if the treatment is working; usually administered 4 weeks following the initial treatment; or what is recommended by your medical provider).”


Q: “Can I use my insurance?”

A: “No. Insurance does not pay for your ADHD testing. However, as a courtesy to you, we have an initial FREE consultation to determine if the test is necessary and we administer the follow-up test for FREE to see if the treatment and/or intervention is working.”


Q: “I am nervous to learn if my child really does have ADHD; I don’t know how that will affect him/her in life.”

A: “We totally understand that concern. We fear what we don’t know. However, having a viable diagnosis will yield some treatment options for your child to feel more in control of their mind & emotional state. K-Counseling will come along side you to help you make the right treatment decision for your child. When you have the facts, you are in a better position, as a parent, to make an informed choice about treatment. And, your child’s records and test results are private and protected by HIPAA; you get to decide with whom you want to share the results.”