Reinvent Yourself

You can reinvent yourself; below are some guidelines to make this fundamental shift in your life:

  • Accept discomfort; it’s part of life but often only temporary
  • Careful with your self-talk; your brain cares more about the words you use than anyone else’s words (avoid inflammatory language)
  • Reward yourself along the way
  • Hire a coach
  • Get organized; your outer world is often a reflection of your inner world
  • The most successful people usually have a coach
  • Dress the part
  • Hang onto the friends that make you the best version of yourself
  • Do those activities that boost your confidence in your natural abilities
  • Even though it may feel fake at first, get your thoughts, actions and beliefs in alignment with you short term goal
  • Failures are not failures (unless you give up on your goal); stay in pursuit. Envision every failure as a mere detour sign
  • Know ahead of time that goals are difficult to reach and you will likely encounter many detour signs
  • Break long term goals into shorter goals; working backward is very helpful. A reverse timeline if you will
  • Create habits that move you closer to your short-term goal
  • A good Plan A has a good Plan B in the back pocket
  • Prepare ahead of time how you will stay on course and how you will navigate setbacks

Psychopathology is Not Always Criminal

Psychopathology Is Not All Bad

Charming & intelligent is just the tip of the iceberg. Try fearless, calm, cool and collected. They are the people you want around you in chaotic environments. They don’t get caught up in emotional states. They aren’t governed by fear; they just look at risk vs. benefit.

They are action takers. They are decision makers. They are present and not concerned with the past or future. Traits common in the movers and shakers of our world — not just criminals behind bars. There is a downside, however…for the criminally psychopathic.

Criminal psychopaths, however, cannot just turn off their psychopathology. They always follow their psychopathic tendencies.

Yet, functional psychopaths are successful.  They are not bound by male of female. They are sometimes lawyers,  politicians, CEOs, and high level executives. They activate their charm, their recklessness and their inclination to act — in certain moments where they’re useful, but also withhold them in certain situations where they might do more harm than good. In this way, they don’t end up in prison…because they aren’t criminally psychopathic.

Take successful lawyers as an example: in the courtroom, they are known for crushing their adversaries, but then can assume a completely different role outside of the courtroom.They  know when to turn it ‘off’ and when to turn it ‘on.’

They have a huge repertoire of behavioral patterns they can leverage to sculpt the most varied and difficult of situations to their benefit. This is a valued commodity, given that leadership positions are best suited to people who act recklessly and fearlessly at the right moment — and who can play the part of the conventional family man and philanthropist in the next.

~Lisa Schiro, M.S., LPC

Owner/Operator K-Counseling & Anxiety Treatment, LLC