I contacted K-Counseling for counseling for my minor children, to help them cope with PTSD, mental abuse and sexual abuse. Under Mrs. Schiro’s care, guidance and concern, I have seen my children make strides towards being happy and healthy children who are better adjusted to handling the troubles that life can sometimes throw at them. Mrs. Schiro has an empathetic beautiful spirit and she is an amazing counselor. Having worked as an administrative assistant in the mental health field in the past, I know that many counselors get burned out of fake caring about their clients. Mrs. Schiro is not one of those counselors It is obvious through Mrs. Schiro’s attention to detail, her willingness to listen, and her ability to use conflict management skills, that she truly cares for her client’s well-being and happiness. I would highly recommend K-Counseling & Anxiety Treatment as a capable and compassionate place for anyone seeking counseling or therapy. L, Treasure Valley
EMDR gave me my life back. For 8 years, I have dealt with my flashbacks, panic attacks and night terrors. 8 years after my rapist was sentenced, I sought help and found it with my counselor. Lisa Schiro at K-Counseling. I have gone from hating life, scared of everyone and everything to loving and embracing life. EMDR took me from VICTIM to SURVIVOR. E, Treasure Valley
"I suffered from extremely scary and debillitating anxiety and was referred to Lisa Schiro. I saw her for only 5 visits, 3 of which were EMDR sessions and I am CURED!!..Lisa is truly a master in her specialty subject of teaching us how to conquer our own anxiety"

"I was referred by a friend to Lisa Schiro for some horrible anxiety that came out of know where and rendered me unable to leave my house without a lot of medication. After only 5 visits, I am able to function normally now and I am no longer on medication. She is by far the best in her field"

"When I was suffering so horribly from anxiety, I had tried everything from other counselors to info on the internet and I just got worse. Once referred to Lisa Schiro, I was finally off of Xanax and cured within 5 weeks, 3 of which were EMDR sessions. Lisa is by far the best when it comes to anxiety" D, Treasure Valley
For about the first 3 minutes of watching my house burn I wasn’t sure if my daughter made it out safe. 15 minutes later, everything was gone: our home, both of our cars, and our precious kitty. From that moment on, my life spun out of control. I rebuilt our home and did my best to get our “normal” lives back. My anxiety, Stress and PTSD dictated many poor choices and tore my family apart. With my counselor, Lisa Schiro, and EMDR, I’m now able to see, think, and feel emotion clearly again. EMDR took away the fear that controlled my life. EMDR LITERALLY saved my life! K, Treasure Valley
"Lisa Schiro at K-Counseling has provided me with tremendous support, helpful tools and a listening ear while going through the hardest time of my life. She has been my rock, and I would definitely recommend her to others going through life changing situations." E, Treasure Valley
"Working with Lisa gives me a place where I feel safe talking about feelings and past experiences. She has a unique blend of being personal, supportive and caring. I like the EMDR work we do because it allows for emotional exploration and resolution. I recommend her highly." H-Treasure Valley
Lisa at K-Counseling makes me feel like I am ok as a person. She didn’t make me feel guilty or bad about my mental or emotional condition. I felt like Lisa understood my weaknesses and what I had the capacity to do at the beginning of my treatment and she didn’t punish me or put me down for my mistakes. I know I can trust her. She picked up on my “issues” very quickly and compassionately, and was able to help me make progress within our first few session. She is very experienced and knowledgeable. I am so thankful that I met Lisa at K-Counseling & Anxiety Treatment. She helped me change my life. T, Treasure Valley