"I suffered from extremely scary and debillitating anxiety and was referred to Lisa Schiro. I saw her for only 5 visits, 3 of which were EMDR sessions and I am CURED!!..Lisa is truly a master in her specialty subject of teaching us how to conquer our own anxiety"

"I was referred by a friend to Lisa Schiro for some horrible anxiety that came out of know where and rendered me unable to leave my house without a lot of medication. After only 5 visits, I am able to function normally now and I am no longer on medication. She is by far the best in her field"

"When I was suffering so horribly from anxiety, I had tried everything from other counselors to info on the internet and I just got worse. Once referred to Lisa Schiro, I was finally off of Xanax and cured within 5 weeks, 3 of which were EMDR sessions. Lisa is by far the best when it comes to anxiety" D, Treasure Valley
"Lisa Schiro at K-Counseling has provided me with tremendous support, helpful tools and a listening ear while going through the hardest time of my life. She has been my rock, and I would definitely recommend her to others going through life changing situations." E, Treasure Valley
"Working with Lisa gives me a place where I feel safe talking about feelings and past experiences. She has a unique blend of being personal, supportive and caring. I like the EMDR work we do because it allows for emotional exploration and resolution. I recommend her highly." H-Treasure Valley